The Ultimate Customer Survey Strategy: Capturing the Full Customer Journey

2 Survey Customer Insight Strategy to Capture the Full Customer Journey

How conducting 2 simultaneous surveys can unlock exponential insights into your audience buyer’s and customer’s journeys.

Bastian Moritz
Mar 2024

Leverage 2 surveys to bridge the gap between site visitors and paying customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of your market, enhancing customer acquisition and retention strategies leading to sustainable business success and a higher research ROI.

The Highest Leverage Move in Customer Surveys: Run 2 Distinct Surveys at the Same Time

Understanding the nuanced desires and behaviors of your audience is essential.

Amid the myriad strategies to gather customer insights, one tip stands out for its profound impact on amplifying conversion rates and fostering business growth: the practice of conducting two simultaneous surveys.

This method, a seemingly simple adjustment to traditional survey tactics, opens up a world of strategic advantage, providing exponential insight into customer and visitor behaviors.

Bridging the Gap between Audience Data and Customer Data

The core idea behind running two surveys is to differentiate between site visitors and actual paying customers.

Each group offers unique perspectives and valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing, product appeal, and overall business strategy.

By dissecting the journey from visitor to customer, businesses can identify crucial touchpoints where potential sales are lost and uncover opportunities to refine their approach to capture a broader audience.

The Power of Dual Perspectives

Audience Surveys.

These are designed to understand why people visit your site, what they are looking for, and why they might leave without making a purchase. Insights from visitor surveys can highlight issues in website design, content relevance, and product-market fit.

Customer Surveys.

These focus on individuals who have completed a purchase, aiming to uncover what drove them to make that decision. Was it the quality of the product, the ease of the purchase process, or perhaps a particular marketing message that resonated with them? Understanding these drivers is key to replicating success and boosting conversion rates.

The Exponential Value of Combined Insights

When analyzed together, the data from both surveys provide a comprehensive view of the Customer Journey, from initial interest to the final purchase. This dual-pathway approach allows you to:

  1. Qualify Leads More Effectively
  2. Personalize the Customer Experience
  3. Innovate and Iterate
  4. Enhance Customer Retention

By understanding both ends of the customer spectrum, you can tailor their marketing efforts to attract the most promising leads, thereby optimizing marketing spend.

Insights from these surveys inform targeted messaging and personalized experiences that speak directly to the needs and preferences of different audience segments.

The gap analysis between what visitors seek and what customers find valuable can inspire new product features, services, or entirely new offerings that meet untapped needs.

Understanding the key factors that convert visitors into customers helps in crafting strategies not just for acquisition but for customer loyalty and retention.

Implementing the Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you need help with any of that, don’t hesitate to reach out. This is what we do as Mx Moritz Growth Advisors.

Step 1: Designing Your Surveys

Craft questions that are specific, actionable, and designed to uncover not just what your audience does, but why they do it. Ensure that each survey is tailored to its target group for maximum relevance.

Step 2: Analyzing the Data

Look for patterns, differences, and unexpected insights in the responses from both groups. Pay particular attention to the reasons behind non-conversion among visitors and the conversion triggers for customers.

Step 3: Acting on Insights

Use the insights to refine your marketing strategies, website design, product offerings, and customer service. Implement changes that address the gaps and leverage the strengths identified through the surveys.

Step 4: Continuous Improvement

Treat these surveys not as one-off projects but as part of an ongoing strategy of improvement. Regularly updating and repeating the surveys will help capture changing customer expectations and market dynamics.


To understand customer preferences and how someone becomes a customer (not only hy) the dual-survey strategy offers you the high-leverage tool for staying ahead.

By understanding both the barriers that prevent potential customers from converting and the drivers that motivate actual customers, you can more effectively guide your strategic decisions, from product development to marketing, sales and beyond.

This approach enhances the efficiency of customer acquisition efforts and also deepens the relationship between your businesses and you customers, paving the way for sustained growth and success.

In adopting this strategy, you can transform one simple survey into a powerful engine for insight, innovation, and engagement, proving that when it comes to customer surveys, the whole is indeed much greater than the sum of its parts.

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