The Power of Informational Influence in Marketing and Sales

Informational Influence in Marketing and Sales

What is “Informational influence?” and how to leverage expert insights and group consensus to boost your marketing and sales strategies.

Nov 2023

Understanding the Mechanics of Informational Influence

Informational influence is a powerful psychological force that shapes our decisions and behaviors. At its core, it's the tendency to conform to the behavior of others when we believe they possess more or better information about a situation than we do.

This phenomenon is particularly potent when we face ambiguous or complex situations where the 'correct' course of action is not immediately clear.

The Pivotal Context of Influence

The strength of informational influence is directly tied to the context in which it occurs. It thrives in environments of uncertainty and complexity. In such scenarios, we naturally look to experts or the collective wisdom of a group to guide our decision-making.

Understanding this context is crucial for marketers and sales professionals who aim to steer consumer behavior in subtle but significant ways.

Informational Influence in Action

Expert Opinion in Marketing and Sales

When a respected technology blogger heralds a new smartphone as a game-changer, their endorsement serves as a beacon, guiding consumers through the crowded marketplace.

Marketing teams amplify such expert opinions to bolster their product's image.

In sales, a representative might reference cutting-edge research or expert testimonials to persuade a potential buyer that their product is the superior choice, leveraging the informational influence exerted by perceived expertise.

Group Dynamics in Marketing and Sales

Consider a software platform that gains traction through its growing user base. As more businesses adopt it, the collective endorsement acts as a powerful signal to new customers, suggesting a tried and tested solution.

In sales, harnessing the power of group dynamics might involve presenting case studies of successful implementations, particularly from industry leaders, to sway the decision-making in favor of the product.

Differentiating Informational Influence from Its Cousins Normative Influence

It's important to distinguish informational influence from normative influence.

While informational influence is driven by the desire to make correct decisions, normative influence is about conformity for social acceptance.

Recognizing this difference allows businesses to craft strategies that either appeal to the consumer's need for accuracy or their desire for social belonging.

The Ripple Effects of Informational Influence

Informational influence shapes consumer behavior in subtle ways, often determining the success of marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

In marketing, it can be harnessed to position a product as the 'smart choice' among consumers seeking to make informed decisions. In sales, it can be the linchpin in closing deals, especially when customers are on the fence and looking for reassurance from reliable sources.

Consumer Behavior and Decision-Making

Consumers are not merely buying products; they are often buying information—the assurance that their choice is the right one. Informational influence thus becomes a critical factor in shaping purchasing decisions.

Strategic Applications in Marketing

Companies can leverage informational influence by showcasing endorsements from experts or testimonials from a broad user base. These strategies can significantly impact product adoption and brand loyalty.

Concluding Thoughts on Informational Influence

In sum, informational influence is a subtle yet powerful tool that can sway opinions and drive decisions in the business world.

By understanding its mechanisms, we marketers and sales professionals can craft strategies that resonate with the intrinsic human desire to make informed decisions.

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