These Words will Improve the Conversion Rates of your Salespages

11 Power Words That Will Supercharge Your Sales Pages

Power Words are psychological triggers. They evoke emotion, create urgency, and spark curiosity.

Sep 2023

Modern Sales Demands more than just Catchy Phrases

The words you use can make or break your conversion rates. Every word counts.

While many stick to the tried and true methods of the past, today's consumers are savvy and discerning. They don't just want to be sold to; they want to be convinced.

So, how can you supercharge your sales pages to not only capture attention but also drive action?

The Psychology Behind Power Words

At the core of every purchase decision lies emotion.

Whether it's fear, desire, trust, or urgency, eliciting these emotions can significantly influence a potential customer's decision to act. Power words are the catalysts that trigger these emotions.

But beware, overuse or misuse can make your copy sound insincere or pushy. The art is in the balance.

These are the 11 power words that every marketer, small business owner, or entrepreneur should consider incorporating into their sales copy:

The 11 Power Words Every Salespage will Should Know

  1. Exclusive: Suggests that the offer is limited to a select group, making the reader feel special. Imparts a sense of belonging. The reader feels they're part of a select group with access to something others don't have.
  2. Guarantee: Provides assurance, reduces the perceived risk of taking action. Removes doubt and risk. It assures the reader that they're making a safe choice.
  3. Discover: Invokes curiosity and the thrill of finding something new. Taps into our innate curiosity. It promises new information or a novel experience.
  4. Instant: In an age of immediate gratification, this word promises swift results. When time is a premium, immediate results or gratification is in demand.
  5. Premium: Signifies superior quality or value, justifying a higher price point or the value of the offer. And it conveys specialness, making the product or service stand out.
  6. Secret: Evokes the allure of hidden knowledge. Everyone loves being in the know, and this word promises insider information.
  7. Limited: A classic scarcity tactic. It creates urgency by suggesting time or quantity constraints. Introducing scarcity, urges the reader to act before the opportunity disappears.
  8. Transform: Appeals to our desire for improvement and change. Suggests a complete and impressive new way, appealing to those seeking improvement.
  9. Unlock: Evokes the idea of accessing something valuable that was previously out of reach. Conjures up an image of barriers for you are now being removed.
  10. Proven: Provides reassurance and lends credibility by suggesting that the product or method has been tested and validated.
  11. Revolutionary: Positions the offer as game-changing, hinting at groundbreaking benefits. Impresses upon the reader that they're about to encounter something no-one has yet. Great for early adopters.

Let’s apply it instantly: Instead of saying "Buy our product!", you might say "Discover the revolutionary benefits of our product and transform your daily routine!"

Using these words in your sales pages can captivate your audience's attention and persuade them to take the desired action. But remember, context matters. These power words should be woven seamlessly into your copy, supporting the overall message, rather than feeling like they've been shoehorned in.

For instance, take the example is Dropbox: "Everything you need for work, all in one place." The phrase "all in one place" emphasizes convenience and simplicity, making the product for all the office data wrangler instantly appealing.

When and How to Use Power Words

Like a potent spice, power words should be used judiciously.

**Context is King
**A power word, no matter how compelling, will fall flat if it's not relevant to the product or audience. For instance, "Unlock" would resonate more with a tech audience than "Premium."

**Avoid Overuse
**Overloading your copy with too many power words can make it sound insincere or even desperate. Strike a balance.

**Pair with Proof
**Words like "Proven" or "Guarantee" need backing, be it in the form of testimonials, statistics, or certifications.

Consider Apple's introduction of the iPhone: "This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years. Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone." The word "reinvent" is powerful, suggesting a revolutionary change.

The Sales ABT

So, always be testing. A/B testing will consistently show the effectiveness of power words. In a test you might likely find that changing your CTA from "Get Membership" to "Unlock Membership" will result in an increase in conversions. The word "Unlock" implies added value, making the offer for certain audiences more enticing.

Your Power Word Checklist

  • Identify the core emotion you want to elicit.
  • Choose relevant power words that align with that emotion.
  • Ensure the power word fits naturally within the context.
  • Always support claims with evidence.
  • Test different power words and monitor conversion rates.

While the language of sales evolves, the psychology behind it remains rooted in our basic human desires and fears. By understanding and leveraging these triggers, you can craft compelling sales pages that resonate with your audience and drive conversions.

But wield them wisely. Remember, it's not about manipulation but about genuinely resonating with your audience's desires and needs.

So, the next time you're revising your sales page or drafting a new one, consider sprinkling in some of these power words to give your copy that extra punch. And get the attention with power words that your offer deserves.

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