Leveraging the Right Business Software Technology Stack for Exponential Growth

Your Biz-tech Stack Sets You Up for Growth

The right Business Software Technology Stack empowers you to do things right and accelerate your growth. Streamline processes, enhance productivity, and harness the power of technology to drive your company forward.

Bastian Moritz
Apr 2021

Leveraging the Right Business Software Technology Stack for Exponential Growth

The right Business Software Technology Stack can be the catalyst that drives your company to new heights of success. It's the perfect blend of digital tools designed to streamline your processes, enhance productivity, and position your business for accelerated growth. However, choosing the right path is crucial. If you're flying a supersonic jet plane, even a single degree off course can lead you far away from your intended destination. The same goes for choosing your technology stack.

This article discusses the importance of business technology stack (or biz-tech stack), a term coined to represent the symbiotic relationship between business and technology.

Finding your right Business Software Technology Stack helps you to do the right things right.

Your Business Technology Stack sets you up for growth and accelerated success. Doing the right thing is the precursor though, to doing things right. If you fly a supersonic jet plane you do not want to be a single degree of course, because on scale you just get accelerated faster to where you set your goal, not necessarily where you want to be.

Every successful business makes use of the awesomeness of today's technology. In doing so it utilizes many different technologies known in its sum as its technology stack, a.k.a. solutions stack or data ecosystem.

This is your Biz-Stack.

Why Biz-Tech Stack?

Why write about biz-tech stack? Because A) it paints a picture of your bright future and B) I advocate for you to embrace software as a tool to scale your business and yourself. If you don’t see any possibility in technology making the world a better place we are not a great fit.

Software exists to make your life and the life of your team easier. Choose the right Technology Stack to automate your processes, scale yourself, focus on value creation, and have peace of mind when you finally enjoy more free time!

For growth this means you want to invest in your sales-tech stack. It basically is this implementation of tools that defines HOW TO SCALE YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS. It is the technology that enables you to run a successful business on scale.

We live in an era where technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the future. Adopting the right software tools can scale your operations, streamline your processes, and allow you to focus on value creation. It could also provide you with peace of mind and free up time to pursue other growth-oriented tasks.

A well-chosen biz-tech stack is the foundation for your business's growth. Essentially, it determines **how you can effectively scale your operations and succeed at a larger scale**.

Understanding Your Biz-Tech Stack

In the context of business, a tech stack is an amalgamation of different technologies used to organize and operate various aspects of your company. It consists of marketing services ('martech stacks'), sales services ('sales stacks'), administrative services (like 'HR stacks'), and more. Each 'stack' is a combination of business processes, software, and tools you need to run your operations smoothly.

To put it simply, a 'biz stack' is an inventory of all the technology services that help you manage your business. A well-designed tech stack, tailored to your unique needs, can provide valuable insights into your operations' strengths and weaknesses. The good news? You don't need to be a programmer to customize your tech stack.

Many businesses, unfortunately, underutilize technology or cling to outdated systems, hampering efficiency and growth. Some even harbour an irrational distrust of technology. To truly thrive in today's digital age, you need to embrace technology and leverage it effectively.

Identifying Your Needs and Defining Your Tech Stack

There are "tech stacks" for marketing services "martech stacks", sales services "sales stacks" or administration stacks such as an "HR stack". Every stack is the operational sum of business processes, software, and tools a person like you needs to operate the business.

A "biz stack" is a list of all the technology services used to organize and operate a business. Because most business tools have well-known performance attributes and limitations, the tech stack hints at the overall businesses operation’s strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding your challenges is the first step to finding a suitable solution. Once you've identified your problems, you can define a tech stack that addresses these issues and aids the 'jobs-to-be-done.'

Where to Begin?

You don't have to learn any programming languages to make any changes. If the results and solutions sound just like what the doctor ordered, then we will build the tech stack that is particularly useful for your business.

Most businesses are notoriously inefficient because they lack the adoption of tech at all, use old technology or limiting technology. Yet it seems most popular to rather distrust technology as a whole, than to make a conscious decision of how to use it. For you to become successful you need to change that.

This is why it is of most importance to know your problem and only then you’re ready to find out if a solution might be a good fit. It is only then in the second step that you define the tech stack for the job-to-be-done.

You might not need a lengthy discovery process to identify the most suitable technology tools for your business. For most companies, the starting point is often a tool that boosts revenue and sales, such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Why CRM?

Without a CRM system, your customer relationships can fall by the wayside. A CRM is like a systematic fishing net that efficiently captures leads and customers, unlike the sporadic results of catching fish by hand.

If you don't use a CRM on a daily basis, you don't have a Relationship with your Customers

Over the years, I've tested, provided feedback, and implemented various CRM systems for different operations. A good CRM should offer a balance of reliability, features, and customization, coupled with a user-friendly interface and quick learning curve. If this sounds like a spreadsheet to you, you might be onto something.

In the end, embracing the right technology tools can catapult your business to the next level of growth and success. Are you ready to make the leap?


Customer Relationship Management

For your biz-tech stack a CRM will help you to always be on top when it comes to following-up and following-through.‍

Q: How can a CRM system enhance my business operations within my tech stack?

A: A well-integrated CRM system within your biz-tech stack ensures that you're always one step ahead when it comes to following up with customers and keeping track of your sales pipeline. It organizes customer data in one place, allowing for personalized communication and better customer service.


For your business, website and online properties choosing the right analytics tools only helps you when it comes without the analysis paralysis.‍

Q: How can analytics tools be beneficial to my business, website, and other online properties?

A: Analytics tools provide valuable insights into your business performance, customer behavior, and website traffic. However, it's crucial to select a tool that offers actionable insights without causing 'analysis paralysis', i.e., overwhelming you with excessive data. The right analytics tool will help you understand your audience and optimize your strategies based on real data.

Project Management

PM software in your toolbox helps you to not get hung up and deliver on manageable timelines. But most importantly: your brain is not made for holding thoughts and tasks, but for having ideas.‍

Q: Why is project management software a crucial part of my business toolbox?

A: Project Management (PM) software aids in keeping projects on track, ensuring timely delivery, and improving collaboration within teams. Crucially, by handling task management, it frees up mental space for idea generation and strategic thinking. Remember, your brain is ideally suited for generating ideas rather than retaining an extensive list of tasks.

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