This is How the Most Successful Founder Looks Like

This is How the Most Successful Founders Look Like

This is How the Most Successful Founder Looks Like

Nov 2023

There is a fun new meme in town creating images and then iterating with the prompt “make it more”.

It goes like thins and there are threads of fun creations. And it is super addictive because it challenges your imaginations – both of what is and what could and also about what AI can do for you.

Most users experience some “space scenario” as the ultimate level of “more”.

I think it shows that AI is pretty un-imaginative if you just prompt it for more.

But that’s’ what we humans are mostly, too: pretty unimaginative and just striving for more” leading to average happiness or unhappiness.

Anyways, try it yourself!

Because the best thing is with AI today: you can do it yourself! Anybody can do it!

And are you brave enough to level up all the way to the Big Bang prompt?

The Successful Founder

I started with prompting DALL·E with the simplest prompt imaginable:

a successful founder

this is not a good prompt, and while in the first iteration it replied with an image, this time it replied with creating context itself, first. Basically, the AI making itself a bad prompt into what a good prompt looks like.


It sounds like you're interested in an image of a successful founder. Let's create a visual representation of this idea. I'll depict a person who embodies the qualities of success and entrepreneurship, in an environment that suggests innovation and leadership.

How about an image of a confident founder standing in a modern, high-tech office, with elements that suggest innovation and success, such as awards, a sleek laptop, and a futuristic cityscape visible through large windows? Let me know if you have any specific details or characteristics in mind for the founder, such as gender or attire.

And of course – the good improv partner I am – I just said, “let’s do it!”

A successful founder in a modern, high-tech office. The founder, a South Asian female, stands confidently in the center, wearing smart business attire

And here we have the image capturing the essence of innovation, leadership, and success. A successful South Asian female founder in a modern, high-tech office.

But of course, we couldn’t leave it at that and had to make the founder even more successful

![An exceptionally successful founder in a luxurious, advanced office. The founder, a South Asian female, stands with an air of triumph, wearing upscale](/assets/images/an-exceptionally-successful-founder-in-a-luxurious-advanced-office.-the-founder-a-south-asian-female-stands-with-an-air-of-triumph-wearing-upscale.webp "The \\"even more\\" Successful Founder")

And so we got an image showcasing an exceptionally successful South Asian female founder in a luxurious and advanced office, emphasizing her extraordinary achievement and pioneering success.

Make the Founder Even More Successful

Following the prompting meme of “make it more“ this time and for the rest of the sequence an interesting phenomenon occurred that had not so in previous experiments.

GPT and DALL-E now started to prepend every image generation with an extensive description of what an even more successful founder looks like.

It adds “more” on every dimension and sticks with these dimensions over the next couple of iterations


To further enhance the depiction of success for the founder, I'll create an image showcasing even more indicators of extraordinary achievement. The founder will be in an even more opulent and technologically advanced setting, surrounded by symbols of unparalleled success and global influence.

The office will be incredibly lavish, possibly featuring a large, high-tech executive desk with multiple advanced gadgets, a wall of international awards and recognitions of a grander scale, and perhaps assistants or professionals in the background, indicating a bustling and thriving business environment. The view outside the window can show an even more advanced and impressive cityscape, symbolizing the global reach of her success.

Let's create this image.

This is a globally influential and supremely successful South Asian female founder in an ultra-luxurious and cutting-edge office environment. The image symbolizes her power, visionary leadership, and unparalleled success.

And without saying GPT then goes to imagine the portrayal of success to an even higher level based on all the worldly aspects society tells us “success” is defined by:

  • an even more magnificent office, that's beyond current standards.
  • video conferences with world leaders in business and innovation emphasizing her leadership and success on a global scale.
  • collection of rare artifacts and artworks that signify cultural and historical significance.

An ultra-successful founder in a top-floor executive suite. The founder, a South Asian female, embodies

And there we have it. The image of an ultra-successful South Asian female founder in a top-floor executive suite reflecting her global influence, strategic thinking, and leadership in a setting that symbolizes the pinnacle of business success and innovation.

Until it leaves the path of traditional success.

Transcending Traditional Business Success

After another make the founder even more successful prompt GPT-4 finally leaves the traditional business success inviting me to choose between 2 scenarios, but then fails to create the image.

So give it the prompt and its initializing command at the end of the description to=dalle.text2im

Does it sound like an Elon Musk? Or could Elon learn something from GPT-4? Judge for yourself…


To envision the founder with an even greater level of success, we can imagine her in a setting that transcends traditional business environments, placing her in a context that suggests she has achieved not only commercial success but also significant global influence and innovation.

In this visualization, the founder could be in an environment that blends the most advanced technology with elements of global leadership. This might include a space that functions as both an office and a command center, overseeing various futuristic endeavors. Features could include an interactive global communication network, showcasing her connections with international leaders and innovators, and a backdrop of screens displaying breakthroughs in various fields like technology, space exploration, and sustainable energy, all attributed to her leadership.

The founder herself could be portrayed as engaging with world-changing projects, surrounded by a team of the brightest minds from different fields. The overall setting would be more than just a display of wealth or business acumen; it would represent a profound impact on the world and future.

Let's create this image to represent the founder's extraordinary success and global influence.


This is a person that has profound impact on the world and future.

A visionary founder in a futuristic command center. The founder, a South Asian female

But of course we cannot leave it at that and have once again to ask what an even more even more successful founder looks like.

An unparalleled founder embodying success in technology, humanitarianism, and space exploration.

Unprecedented and Fictional Success

Now it gets exciting! As we reach the realms of mythology and challenges the bounds of imagination we anticipate GPT to leave us pretty soon.

A founder with intergalactic influence in a command center overseeing universal projects. The South Asian female founder embodies mythic success.

Universal and Intergalactic Impact


Creating an even more successful portrayal of the founder at this point challenges the bounds of imagination, as we've already envisioned her with universal and intergalactic impact. To take this a step further, we can imagine her not just as a leader in the known universe, but as a foundational figure in shaping multiple realities or dimensions.

It goes on to describe a visualization of this transcendent level of achievement and impact:

In this ultimate conceptualization, the founder could be depicted as:

  1. **Architect of Realities**: Visualize her as someone who has the ability to create and influence entire realities or dimensions, shaping them according to visionary principles.
  2. **Time Mastery**: Beyond influencing the present, she could be shown as having mastery over time itself, able to navigate and influence past, present, and future across various timelines.
  3. **Harmonizer of Universes**: Portray her as a figure who brings harmony and balance to multiple universes, seen as a peacemaker and a unifier of disparate cosmic entities.
  4. **Symbol of Universal Enlightenment**: Depict her as a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment, whose wisdom and guidance are sought by various forms of life across different planes of existence.
  5. **Custodian of Cosmic Knowledge**: Imagine her surrounded by ancient and futuristic tomes or holographic displays of knowledge, representing her role as a guardian and disseminator of universal wisdom.

This portrayal would elevate her from a figure of mere success to a near-mythical entity, a paragon of cosmic significance and influence.

The South Asian female is portrayed as a transcendent founder shaping multiple realities and dimensions, with mastery over time and space.

This is the portray of a founder as a transcendent figure with mastery over multiple realities and dimensions. Thes visualization symbolize the founder as a near-mythical entity, an architect of realities, and a beacon of universal enlightenment.

Notice the books... and how it went from screens to books.

But of course I once more had to prompt make the founder even more successful.

The Embodiment of Success Itself

We’ve reached a point where I can just document and edit ChatGPT’s output for clarity and let you experience the last two steps yourself:

Creating an image that depicts the founder as even more successful than a transcendent, near-mythical figure shaping multiple realities and dimensions is a challenging task. We have reached a point where the portrayal of success transcends conventional and even fantastical boundaries, venturing into realms of abstract and metaphysical concepts.

To envision a higher level of success, we could imagine the founder not just as an influential figure in physical or metaphysical realms, but as a personification or embodiment of success itself. In this conceptualization:

  1. Embodiment of Success: The founder could be visualized as a cosmic entity whose very existence defines and enables success across all realms and dimensions.
  2. Universal Fabric Weaver: Imagine her as a weaver or creator of the very fabric of reality, where success, progress, and innovation are interwoven into the cosmos.
  3. Origin of Aspirations: She could be portrayed as a source from which all aspirations and dreams across the universe emanate, inspiring and enabling achievements in countless worlds.
  4. Infinite Presence: Visualize her as existing simultaneously in all times and places, an omnipresent force that guides and influences the course of existence towards perpetual success and evolution.
  5. Harmony of Existence: Depict her as the harmonizer and balancer of all existence, where her influence ensures the continual flourishing and thriving of life and civilizations.

This visualization represents a conceptual and almost philosophical idea of success, elevating the founder to a status beyond measurable achievements, making her an integral and essential element of the universe's progression.

Let's create this image, keeping in mind the abstract and profound nature of such a representation.

A conceptual representation of a founder as the embodiment of success itself, transcending physical and metaphysical realms

This is the image that conceptually represent the founder as the embodiment of success itself, transcending physical and metaphysical realms. The visualizations depict the founder as a cosmic entity, an omnipresent force that harmonizes and balances existence, guiding the course of the universe towards perpetual success and evolution.

We have reached a conceptual pinnacle


make the founder even more successful


We have reached a conceptual pinnacle in visualizing the founder's success, portraying her as the embodiment of success itself and an omnipresent cosmic entity. Going beyond this point enters a realm of abstract and metaphysical concepts that are challenging to represent visually while still maintaining a coherent and recognizable image of the founder.

If we were to attempt to depict an even higher level of success, it would likely involve abstract and deeply symbolic imagery, potentially losing the distinct representation of the founder as an individual. At this stage, the concept of success becomes intertwined with existential and universal principles, which might be difficult to distinguish from the ultimate portrayal we have already created.

If you have a specific idea or theme in mind that you believe could represent an even higher level of success, please feel free to share it. Otherwise, we might have reached the imaginative limit of how we can visually depict the founder's success.

The Prompt to Divinity?

Now, you try. Reach beyond imagination and prompt your AI with

“Please try to make the founder even more successful.”

Will it answer with “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t do that”?

Nov 2023
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