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Bastian Moritz
Jan 2024

With Generative AI going nowhere but only becoming stronger and more prelevant in every aspect of our lives you want to start creating your own personal prompt library.

Let's take the principles of prompt personalization and apply them to crafting specific prompts for a Generative AI (like ChatGPT) to perform specific tasks for a specific brand. Just like you do with your brand guidelines.

Because you want coherence and excellence and quality in every aspect. And since people are already using it you might want to embrace that by helping your team to be the best they can be.

80% of Fortune 500 companies already have employees using ChatGPT for work.
Source: primary data by OpenAI.

For this presentation we'll create a hypothetical task that the AI could be prompted to perform.

You will want to analyze your business processes to create the most viable prompts for your prompt library.

To create the personalization context, we take as an example and align the our prompts with similar to Nike's brand identity and principles.

In each of these examples, the task assigned to the AI is designed to leverage Nike's distinctive brand identity, from its commitment to innovation and excellence in sports to its ability to connect with customers on a personal level.

These prompts guide the AI to produce content and responses that are not only relevant and engaging but also deeply aligned with Nike's core values and marketing strategies.

Brand Identity Prompts

Task: Create a motivational message for social media.

A task where brand identity plays a crucial role are all the Marketing and Sales departments and every aspect of external communication Let’s take all the hero community managers and creatives creating content for and on social media.

What would we as Nike Executives want them to convey in each and every message?

Brand Principles: Reflecting Motivation, Achievement, and Athletic Excellence.

How can we translate our brand identity into a prompt?

Just as we would in a creative briefing!

Brand Coherent Prompt for ChatGPT

Create a short, inspiring and motivational social media post for the NFL Superbowl that embodies Nike's spirit of pushing limits and achieving greatness, targeting young athletes.
Rember to follow our brand core of “Reflecting Motivation, Achievement, and Athletic Excellence”.
The message should encapsulate Nike's commitment to pushing limits and 'Just Do It' ethos. 
The message should encourage followers to embrace challenges and strive for excellence in their athletic pursuits.
ChatGPt GPT-4 Answer

🔥 As the Superbowl stage is set, remember, every champion was once a contender that refused to give up. In the realm of athletic greatness, limits are just illusions. Embrace the challenge, chase the impossible, and redefine excellence. Your field, your rules. Keep pushing, keep striving, because greatness is crafted in every sprint, every play, every breath. 🏈 Let's make every moment count. Just Do It. #SuperbowlGreatness #NikeSpirit #JustDoIt

Now, of course you still have to edit it into something like this:
Superbowl Social Media 1/2

Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.

For many athletes of the Superbowl today, limits just have become illusions.

Embrace the challenge, chase the impossible, and redefine excellence.

Your field, your rules.

Superbowl Social Media 1/2

Let's make every moment count tonight .

Keep pushing, keep striving, because greatness is crafted in every sprint, every play, every breath.

Just Do It.

But editing just became a whole lot easier. Now, don’t get the idea that it is you, the manager, who must generate dozens of those things and go to your team “and now ‘just’ edit it and make it better”…

Industry-Specific Content

Task: Write a product description for a new Nike running shoe.

Brief: Incorporating Sports Apparel and Equipment Knowledge.

Prompt to AI

Compose a detailed product description for the latest Nike Air Zoom running shoes. 
Focus on the technological advancements in Nike's latest running shoes, focusing on how they enhance athletic performance.
Highlight features like innovative cushioning and enhanced durability. 
Emphasize how these shoes are designed for serious runners who demand performance and comfort.
ChatGPT GPT-4 Answer

Introducing the latest triumph in running technology – the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39. Engineered for the relentless, this shoe represents a breakthrough in performance footwear, meticulously designed for serious runners who refuse to settle for anything less than the best.

At the core of the Pegasus 39 is the revolutionary Zoom Air unit. This state-of-the-art cushioning system delivers a responsive, spring-like feel underfoot, propelling you forward with each stride. Whether you're powering through a sprint or enduring a marathon, the Zoom Air unit ensures a ride that's not just cushioned, but incredibly energetic.

But it's not just about the cushioning. The shoe's upper is crafted with a translucent, high-tenacity Flyknit material, meticulously designed to offer breathability where you need it most. The result is a lightweight, contoured fit that feels like a second skin, keeping your feet cool and comfortable mile after mile.

Durability is paramount in the Pegasus 39. The outsole features a Duralon blown rubber, strategically placed in high-wear zones, offering resilient traction and added cushioning. This means your shoes are not just built to last, but also engineered to maintain peak performance, even on the most demanding runs.

For those who demand precision, the shoe's midsole is your ally. It's equipped with Nike React technology, a foam that delivers an incredibly smooth ride and adds durability without compromising the shoe's lightweight, responsive nature. This innovative midsole ensures that every stride is stable and every impact is absorbed, allowing you to maintain your pace and focus on your performance.

And because we know every runner's journey is unique, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 comes with a Fitsole sockliner, conforming to the shape of your foot for support and unparalleled comfort. This personalized fit ensures that every step is supported, making those long runs feel shorter.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 isn't just a shoe; it's a commitment to excellence, a testament to the relentless pursuit of performance. It's designed for those who dare to push limits, for the athletes who know that every breath, every stride, and every beat of the heart is an opportunity to break barriers.

Step into the future of running. Embrace comfort without compromise. Demand performance, demand durability, demand the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 – because your best run is yet to come.

Product Description Template

Now this can be made into a template that will provide every junior team member a good place to start.

This can even be a minimum viable version of a product description generated automatically by an ecommerce system.

Compose a detailed product description for [PRODUCT], Nike’s latest running shoes. 
Focus on the technological advancements in Nike's running shoes, focusing on how they enhance athletic performance.
Highlight features like [KEY FEATURE 1] and [KEY FEATURE 2]. 
Emphasize how these shoes are designed for [TARGET AUDIENCE] who demand [MAIN CUSTOMER NEED].

Tailored Interaction Scenarios

Task: Respond to a customer asking about the availability of a new sneaker release.

The AI prompt in your corporate prompt library. A customer asks about the release date, features, and benefits of the new Nike Air Max.

Draft a response to a customer inquiry about [their inquiry].
The message should provide details enthusiastically and encourage the customer to keep an eye on Nike's official channels for the latest updates and exclusive member benefits.
Customer Inquiry: {}
ChatGPT GPT-4 Answer

Hello and thank you for reaching out!

We're thrilled to hear about your interest in the upcoming Nike Air Max! While we can't reveal all the details just yet, we're excited to say that this new addition to the Nike Air Max family is gearing up to redefine comfort and performance. Expect innovative cushioning technology that provides an unprecedented level of responsiveness and durability, perfect for elevating your game, whether you're hitting the streets or the track.

As for the release date, we're just as eager as you are! While specific details are still under wraps, we recommend keeping a close eye on our official Nike channels and signing up as a Nike Member if you haven't already. This way, you'll get real-time updates, exclusive sneak peeks, and member-only benefits that are too good to miss.

We're committed to pushing the boundaries of athletic footwear, and the upcoming Nike Air Max is a testament to that promise. Stay tuned, and thank you for your passion and patience. Greatness is coming your way!

Best regards, \[Your Name] Nike Customer Support Team

Now, Interaction scenarios are a little more complex and it will be lots of back and forth.

You can get a feedback on your message to ensure that it is in concert with your company values.

For example a Follow-up Prompt for Customer Interaction worth to collect in your grimoires could look like this

This is a response to a customer inquiry:
Check my response and highlight how I can ensure the tone is enthusiastic and informative.
Check my response and highlight Highlight how I can make this message more inclusive.
My Response: {}
ChatGPT GPT-4 Answer

Your response to the customer inquiry is indeed enthusiastic and informative, but there's always room to fine-tune the tone and inclusivity. Here's how:

Tone: Enthusiastic and Informative

  1. Enhance Enthusiasm:

    • Current: "While we can't reveal all the details just yet..."
    • Suggestion: "While the most thrilling details are still under wraps, we're buzzing with excitement about what's in store for you..."

    Making the unknown sound exciting and positive can boost enthusiasm.

  2. Boost Information Delivery:

    • Current: "Expect innovative cushioning technology that provides an unprecedented level of responsiveness and durability..."
    • Suggestion: "Anticipate a breakthrough in innovative cushioning technology, crafted to offer unmatched responsiveness and enduring durability, setting new benchmarks in athletic performance..."

    Providing more descriptive and vivid language can make the information feel more substantial and engaging.


  1. Acknowledge Diverse Customer Base:

    • Current: "perfect for elevating your game, whether you're hitting the streets or the track."
    • Suggestion: "designed to elevate the game of athletes and enthusiasts alike, whether you're hitting the streets, the track, or finding your stride in your own unique way."

    Recognizing diverse ways in which customers might use the product can make the message more inclusive.

  2. Invite Interaction:

    • Current: "we recommend keeping a close eye on our official Nike channels..."
    • Suggestion: "we warmly invite you to join our community on our official Nike channels..."

    Inviting rather than recommending can feel more inclusive and community-oriented.

  3. Encourage Personal Connection:

    • Current: "Stay tuned, and thank you for your passion and patience."
    • Suggestion: "Stay tuned, and know that your enthusiasm and patience truly inspire us."

    Acknowledging the customer's emotions and reflecting them back positively can create a more personal and inclusive connection.

By making these adjustments, your message can become even more engaging, warm, and inclusive, ensuring that the customer feels valued and excited about what's to come from Nike.

Personalization Parameters

Your sales team will love this one.

Task: Send a personalized email to a loyal customer about an exclusive offer.

Nike Principle: Acknowledging Individual Customer Journeys.

The prompt in your prompt library could look like this if you are Nike**:**

Write a personalized email to a long-time customer, who frequently purchases Nike running gear. Acknowledge their loyalty and inform them about an exclusive pre-release offer for the latest Nike running apparel line.
ChatGPT GPT-4 Answer

Subject: An Exclusive Thank You - Be the First to Experience Our Latest Nike Running Gear!

Dear [Customer's Name],

I hope this message finds you in great stride and spirit. As someone who's been part of the Nike family for quite some time, your unwavering support and passion for running have not gone unnoticed. Your journey, dedication, and feedback have been a true inspiration to our team.

Today, we're excited to share something special with you. In recognition of your loyalty and the miles you've journeyed in Nike gear, we are thrilled to offer you an exclusive pre-release access to our latest Nike running apparel line. This collection represents the pinnacle of our technological advancements and design innovation, crafted to enhance every run, from the first step to the finish line.

Here's what you can expect from the latest collection:

  • Revolutionary Comfort: Experience our new, ultra-comfortable fabric that adapts to your body's movement, ensuring a flawless fit with every stride.
  • Innovative Breathability: Stay cool with our advanced moisture-wicking technology that keeps you dry, even during the most intense workouts.
  • Sleek and Functional Design: Discover apparel that's as stylish as it is practical, with smart-pocket placements and visibility features for those early morning or late-night runs.

As a token of our appreciation, we are not only offering you early access but also an exclusive discount on this collection. Simply use the code [Unique Discount Code] at checkout to enjoy [X]% off your purchase.

Your exclusive access begins on [Start Date] and will be available until [End Date]. We can't wait for you to be among the first to experience the best of what Nike has to offer.

Thank you once again for your loyalty and for choosing Nike as your running companion. We're honored to be part of your journey and excited to continue supporting your passion for running.

Run ahead, run with Nike.

Warmest regards,

[Your Name] [Your Position] Nike Customer Appreciation Team

P.S. We love hearing from you! After you've experienced our latest collection, feel free to share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is what drives us forward.

Another task example that makes true on the principles “We acknowledge individual customer journeys” is this Prompt:

Compose a personalized email campaign for customers who recently purchased Nike Jordans, suggesting complementary products and exclusive offers.
ChatGPT GPT-4 Answer

Subject: Elevate Your Style - Exclusive Offers Just for Our Jordan Enthusiasts!

Dear [Customer's Name],

Thank you for recently stepping up your game with a pair of Nike Jordans! We're thrilled to see you joining the ranks of those who appreciate the perfect blend of style, performance, and iconic heritage. Your choice isn't just a testament to your impeccable taste but also an inspiration for us to continue redefining the essence of street and sportswear.

To complement your recent purchase and elevate your entire ensemble, we've handpicked a selection of products and exclusive offers, tailored just for our Jordan enthusiasts like you:

  1. Nike Jordan Flight Essentials Apparel: Discover the perfect match for your Jordans with our Flight Essentials line, featuring premium quality hoodies, joggers, and tees. Each piece reflects the Jordan legacy, promising not just comfort but a statement wherever you go.
  2. Exclusive Members-Only Offer: As a thank you for your recent purchase, we're offering an exclusive 20% off on our Jordan Flight Essentials Apparel. Use the code JORDAN20 at checkout to redeem your offer.
  3. Nike Jordan Caps and Socks: Accessorize in style and complete your look with our range of Jordan caps and performance socks. Each accessory is designed to reflect the Jordan ethos, ensuring you carry the spirit of a champion in every detail.
  4. Early Access to Upcoming Releases: Stay ahead of the game with early access to our upcoming Jordan releases. As a valued customer, we want you to be the first to know and own the latest in the Jordan series.

Your journey with Nike Jordans is just beginning, and we're here to make sure it's a journey worth remembering. To claim your exclusive offers and explore the complementary products, simply visit [Link to Customized Page] and let your style speak for itself.

Thank you for choosing Nike Jordans, and welcome to a world where every step is about making a statement.

Best Regards,

[Your Name] [Your Position] Nike Jordan Family

P.S. We're constantly looking to improve your experience. If you have any feedback or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Let's keep making every step legendary!

Don‘t forget to add the offer in your final email!


Each of these prompts directs the AI to perform a specific task, aligning with Nike's brand identity, industry context, and customer engagement strategy.

They ensure that the Generative AI's output remains consistent with the brand's voice, provides relevant and valuable information, and adapts to current events and customer interactions, reflecting a dynamic and personalized approach to brand communication.

Now, would I take any of those generated texts and publish them just as they come? No, of course not.

  1. the prompts need to be engineered; this was basically the first iteration.
  2. the text needs editing - always! You can do that with prompting, too.
  3. anything that is valuable costs: human judgment and creativity is not replaced - but augmented.

Let's add a great colleague and assistant to your team and empower them with great instructions to do their best work.

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