AI and Sales: A 2023 Snapshot

AI in Sales - Between Convenience and Autonomy

The debate on AI's role in sales and shopping: Simplification or taking away choice? Convenience or throttled autonomy?

Aug 2023

AI and Sales: Finding the Balance Between Help and Control

Today, many businesses use AI to help predict sales. This means the AI can suggest products you might like based on what you've bought before. But this brings up a big question: Are we letting AI make choices for us?

Many people online are talking about this. While some think AI makes shopping easier and helps us find great products. Others worry that we might be giving AI too much control.

The main point is about choice. Fans of AI say it helps show us products we might not have found on our own. But some people worry: Are we letting AI decide for us just because it's easy?

Another problem is that AI can sometimes be biased based on old data. This means that it might not always give everyone the same fair suggestions.

So, what can the people who make these AI tools do? They should make sure their tools respect our choices and are fair. Some say companies should tell us how the AI works and how it affects our shopping. But just telling us might not solve all the problems.

One big concern is whether AI is pushing us to buy things without us really deciding. Are we just going with what the AI suggests because it knows so much about us?

Some people think we need rules to make sure AI is used right. Others worry rules might slow down new and helpful tech.

This debate shows that there's a lot to think about when it comes to AI and shopping. As we use AI more and more, it's essential to find a balance. We should enjoy the help from AI, but also make our own choices.

Aug 2023
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