Gaining Clarity & Insight
From Your Happy Customers.

"How can I build an enduring organization? An Organizations that is fit today and tomorrow and grows sustainably?"

"Sustainable Growth, for more revenue and higher impact."

"Growth, built on customer insights. That's what is customer-centric is."
Gain Customer Insights

Customer & Audience Research

Tackle your critical business opportunities based on your happy customers.
The goal is a strategy informed by empirical customer insights.
Operationalize Growth

Value Quality Gates

Be able to define the data points that you need to create customer success; and uncover growth opportunities.
The goal is growth KPIs.
Sales without selling

The Right Approach to Market (GTM)

Find the perfect customer through sound segmentation and by matching expectations.
The goal is leads in your sales funnel.
Customer Development

From Innovation to PMF

Find early adopters to make informed decisions about your startup's strategy.
The goal is the first paying customers.

Customer Insights

What is the motivation of your leads and customers? What is their intent? How aware are they of solutions? Your solution? Are they even aware of their problem? How aware are they of products, and the market in general?

Understand your Customers

Start with one segment to build a great experience.

Get a direction shared across your teams:
- a map that is unique to your organization and value proposition.
- a shared language of growth.
- messaging that resonates with high potential customers.

Customer Research
Customer Value
Ideal Customer

Customer Success KPIs

What are the data points that we need about our customers to create a great experience for them?


Operationalize Growth

Define critical moments of success for your customers that are tied to your revenue strategy.

Usher your customers to get their job done with your product/service.

Uncover growth opportunities.


Finding Customers

Who are my ideal customers?
How can I reach them?


Identify the uses cases of your customers.

Refine your value proposition and develop an even stronger value proposition.

Set your infrastructure up for success: Without a strong sales funnel even Social Media Sales like LinkedIn is too expensive.


Customer Development

Don‘t have any customers yet, or entering a new market?
Looking for Early Adopter?


If we cannot gain insights from our real paying early adopters, we can from market research and make our best hypothesis about the customers’ value: What is the problem to be solved and how is your problem uniquely designed to solve it?

Then, bridging that gap from hypothesis about our customer (basically educated guesses based on sound market research) to actual customer insights. that is grounded in empirical data.

It's not an easy journey but super fun and totally worth it.

Enduring Growth Strategies

Growth Strategy Advisory

Customer-centric Growth Advisory in order to

Finding the First Customers

To find early adopters for a new product or service and to identify their problem and gain clarity about how this innovation helps them to solve their specific business case.

To Accelerate Growth

By identifying the greatest customer benefits and the perfect customers for it, namely the ones who actively gets the greatest benefit and can set a budget.

To Ensure One’s Growth

By identifying the greatest customer benefits and the perfect customers for it, namely the ones who actively gets the greatest benefit and can set a budget.

To Generate Sales & Increase Revenue

‍With customers to whom you can offer the most value, through actionable strategies and coaching: "I help the customer to make the best choice for them".
Credit card mockups
Customer-centric Growth Advisory through and by means of

Proven Processes to Generate Insights

To make better growth decisions, understand your customers.

Feedback-loop Optimized

A proven iterative process that puts customer insights in the center of attention. Basically, it is following scientific principles to generate a theory about your customers and their needs.

Grounded in Empirical Data

Theory not because it is theoretical, but because it is grounded in theory. The empirical research on your customers and customers in the marketplace as well as your innovation builds a theory of your perfect customer.

Professionally tested

These methods are proven scientific processes of how to generate and build insight from i.e. Christensen, Moesta, Blank, Dorf et. al. and are elevated with your capacity of empathy for your customers and my ability to lead you through this complex build.

Working with Clients across Borders and Industries

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Customer-centric Growth
Knowing Your Ideal Customers

Grow Sustainable Through New Revenue
From Your Ideal Customers
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Ignite Customer-centric Growth


We deliver execution-optimized growth strategies that focus on the success of your customers by aligning everything your business is doing on the way to accompany your customers and potential customers with their expectations, their insights and their intentions, so that they are able to take both small and bold call-to-actions that lead to the following results for them