Great Writing on the Internet is like Makeup in Real Life

Great Writing on the Internet

How carefully crafted words can enhance, transform, and communicate.

Bastian Moritz
Feb 2024

If you think about the impact of well-crafted words in the digital age.

This analogy between writing and the use of makeup might just hold true.

Yes, and men have a thousands of years-old history of using make-up themselves, too.

And then because it’s the season of “Fasent” aka Carnival right now.

1. Strategic Enhancement of Existing Features

Just as makeup enhances or highlights a person's natural features, making them more noticeable or appealing, great writing enhances the core ideas or messages it intends to convey.

It draws the reader's attention to the key points, making them more impactful and memorable.

Great writing crystallizes your brand's essence, elevating its core values and unique selling propositions to the red carpets.

But in a way that is not only visible but resonant with your target audience, ensuring that your message is not just seen but felt and remembered.

2. Skill and Artistry of Communication

Applying makeup effectively requires skill, practice, and a sense of artistry.

Similarly, great writing is not just about stringing words together. It requires an understanding of language, context and audience—their needs, their pain points, and their aspirations.

Writers must know how to play with words, structure their thoughts, and use stylistic elements to create a piece that resonates with readers.

But I guess writing is more trade than art. A trade where each sentence is not crafted but assembled as Joanny Wiebe says. Writing designed to engage, persuade, and inspire action. This level of communication is not innate; it is honed through insight, experience, and the deliberate intent to connect and influence.

3. Transformation Through Narrative

Makeup can transform a person's appearance, sometimes dramatically.

In a similar vein, great writing can transform ideas, perspectives, or even the mood of the reader.

Through powerful storytelling, persuasive arguments, or insightful analysis, writing can change how people think or feel about a subject.

It inspires action as Seth Godin says. And transformation is the gold standard of success.

4. Suitability for the Occasion

Just as makeup can be tailored for different occasions, from a natural look for everyday wear to a more dramatic look for special events, writing can be adapted to suit various contexts.

Whether it's a casual blog post, a formal research paper, or a witty social media update, great writing knows its audience and the platform it's meant for, adjusting its tone and style accordingly.

When attention is the most coveted currency, your content must be equally adaptable. Great writing knows when to be concise and when to delve deeper, when to inform and when to entertain.

It's a strategic tool, adaptable to the platform and purpose and this is when each piece of content becomes a calculatable step towards building relationships, authority, and trust.

5. Confidence and Presentation

Makeup can give people an extra boost of confidence by enhancing their appearance and making them feel more put together.

Great writing serves a similar purpose for your brand. It bolsters the credibility and authority of the author or the organization behind it. It's a demonstration of thought leadership, a testament to your expertise and insight.

Well-articulated arguments and clear, concise prose can make a strong impression, presenting ideas in a way that is persuasive and authoritative. Making well-crafted content a positioning tool for your brand.

6. Personal Expression of Values

Finally, makeup is a form of personal expression, allowing individuals to showcase their personality and style.

Likewise, great writing is often infused with the author's unique voice and perspective, making it not just informative but also a reflection of the individual behind the words.

Similarly, the content you share is a reflection of your company's vision and values.

Writing is an opportunity to take a stand on what you stand for. This is authenticity.

An Authentic Expression of Ambition and Vision

Great writing on the internet is like makeup in real life beautifully captures the essence of how carefully crafted words can enhance, transform, and communicate ideas in a way that is both artful and effective. Just as makeup can be appreciated for its ability to beautify and express individuality, great writing is valued for its power to clarify, persuade, and connect with readers on a deeper level.

It's not merely about presentation; it's about crafting an identity, conveying authority, and engaging with your audience on a level that transcends the superficial to strike at the heart of shared ambitions and visions.

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